Welcome to Above the Fold, a portfolio site for web developer Kathy Jay.

This site is a showcase for my work and a contact point for potential employers and clients. It also hosts a blog where you can read my thoughts, ideas and opinions on technology and the Internet.

I have been fascinated by computers and how to make them do cool tricks since I first discovered the Internet. Not content to simply browse, I had to discover how to contribute to the sites and then how to build my own. My first websites were the work of an eager amateur with a love for creation and relentless curiosity. Now I have a first-class honours degree in IT and computing and the experience to know how to build things well, yet I remain fascinated by what goes on under the bonnet of websites and computer programs.

Design philosophy

Whether it is a simple website in XHTL and CSS, a data-base driven website in PHP and MySQL or a desktop application using Microsoft products, I am an advocate of code that is standards compliant and well-formed. I design with the future in mind, making sure that what I have produced can be maintained and developed by anyone with the right skills. Messy code that cannot be understood or that produces numerous bugs when used on a machine that has a different set-up from the designer’s is frustrating for everyone.

I would be happy to discuss any employment opportunities or potential projects with you. Please contact me using the email form. I am always happy to discuss my work and answer any questions you may have.